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Directions to NewCold Burley Operations Facility:

From Interstate 84 take exit 211-turn left onto Highway 30 where you will see a Love’s Truck Stop. Stay on Highway 30 for 7.5 miles until you get through the town of Burley into more of an industrial looking area. Turn right onto 300 West, immediately going over a set of railroad tracks- you will need to turn left into the second paved driveway- about 50 yards down the road. Among our NewCold signage there is an end of the road sign posted on a dark green and white striped fence marking the correct driveway for you to turn left into. Follow that paved road around the various shops and small warehouses until it dead ends into our facility. Read the signage to understand which gate to enter into our facility through.

Are all NewCold products frozen?

All products stored at NewCold are frozen products.

How many pallets can the Burley NewCold store?

90,000 Pallets can be stored in this facility.

NewCold Burley Operations

When did the Burley Newcold Project Start?

NewCold broke ground in December 2017.

What will NewCold do for the Mini Cassia Area?

The NewCold facility will bring approximately 80 skilled jobs with competitive pay and excellent benefits. The construction of this facility means more industry, commerce, opportunity, and growth for the Mini-Cassia area.

Is NewCold hiring?

Job positions we are looking to fill will be posted at www.indeed.com and also here in the careers section of this website.

Do I need previous experience in the warehouse industry?

Experience is not required for most positions, but it does help. We are looking more for people who fit with our core values and culture.

Are there any educational requirements?

Yes, our positions do require a minimum of a high school diploma or GED.

Do you provide training?

Yes, we have a great training program. For the management and more technical positions we have paired up with our Tacoma, NewCold facility and will be doing a lot of onsite training there. Then we will also continue with local on the job training here at our Burley Warehouse. Our employees are very important to us, and their safety and well being is paramount, with that being said safety training will be consistently ongoing.

Applying For A Job At Newcold

Can I apply for more than one position?

Yes, you can apply for as many jobs as you would like, so long as you meet the qualifications and have the skills necessary to do the job. Our recruiters will only see the candidates that have applied for each position, so if you applied once and were not selected, you will need to continue to apply for positions that interest you.

Do you have any part time openings?

No, we do not have any part-time openings at this time.

How long will it take to hear from a recruiter?

It generally takes our recruiters a week or two to contact candidates. If you have not heard anything yet, don’t worry – you’ll hear from us soon. It’s our policy that all candidates receive some type of communication from us – either an e-mail or a telephone call.

It has been more than two weeks and I still have not heard anything yet. What is going on?

If you have questions about your application please contact our HR manager: susan.quanstrom@newcold.com.

How soon after I start will my benefits go into effect?

All benefits begin on the first of the month following your date of employment. Click here (link to benefits page) to learn more about our benefits.

NewCold Benefits
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