NewCold Burley

NewCold Burley is NewCold’s second automated cold storage facility in the USA. It is under construction but we are already recruiting our team to prepare a smooth go-live of the facility.

The cold storage will be operated to support the production and supply chain activities of leading food processors in the region, among which is McCain Foods. The empowered NewCold Burley operations team is responsible to safely operate and maintain the state of the art coldstore and to provide excellent logistics services to our customers.

Operating Culture at NewCold

4 Pillars of NewCold

Loyalty – loyalty to customers, the corporate mission, and each other in pursuit of the highest service levels in the industry. NewCold seeks to sustain a partner relationship with each customer.

Continuous Improvement – NewCold is the technological leader and continued development of new technology, systems and people is a critical focus.

Passion – NewCold expects its employees and managers to be passionate about supply chain services and passionate about pleasing the customer.

Communication – We value open and clear communication throughout the organization. The way we communicate with customers, suppliers and employees must always reflect clarity, transparency, honesty and timeliness.

pallets in warehouse